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Nami Island – Korea Day 2

With a very hectic first day, we woke up very late in the morning on the second day. Nami Island was supposed to be the itinerary for the 3rd day but the weather was alright and we were afraid it’ll rain on Sunday… So, last minute we swapped the plan for 3rd day and headed to Nami Island!

We made haste to the train station, bought the train tickets minutes before it leaves, which is a blessing cause the train interval is more than an hour…

railway station

We bought snacks in the train cause we didn’t even have time to grab anything to eat while on the way to the railway station. The train is very packed and there are sitting and standing tickets! We bought 1 sitting and 3 standing cause there are not more sitting tickets. The train ride is about 90min long and there were a lot of people there. Almost sardine-packed.

in the train

The destination station’s name is er.. this (in the picture below)

train track First thing we did when we reached there was to purchase return train ticket and also, lunch! Ate at a local shop where we had noodles, ramen and kim bab.

noodle ramen kim bab

Then, the jetty to Nami island! It’s quite funny though cause the jetty has its own ‘immigration’ centre but we don’t need to show any passports.. Just the tickets.

nami immigration

They call the Nami Island the Naminara Republic.. It’s like a Doraemon-pouch-shaped island.

nami map So, we set off to Nami Island! WIth a 15-min ferry rideferry We were greeted with a multitude language of welcome phrases..

welcome to nami island P1020544 And a sign-board which is rather unreadable…


The insides of Nami island is beautiful! It’s where the film the show ‘Winter Sonata’.. It’s a very romantic place and the scenic view in the island changes according to season. As it’s summer now, it’s filled with greeneries.

 scene1line trees



colour trees

The trees here are very nicely aligned in a very straight line…

tall trees There’s a nice railway track..

railway track 2 Large fields..

jump kungfu


fountain 2


boardwalk And mini chalets..

chalet tea table Even the toilet looks nicer than the average toilet..

toilart studio Of course.. this place is a lot about loveee…

 love back view

snow love

Not to mention about the many animals that inhabit the island…

duck 1 duck 2

squirrel duck 3

After spending 2-3 hours in the island, we took off and head back to Seoul..

Again, another simple dinner and went back to the hotel to change for the next item for the night..

dinner Clubbing! The clubbing place is around a university area, Hong’ik University. The area is filled with pubs, clubs and bars… The place we went to is called “noise basement”, which is a hiphop club..

noise basement The club there reminds me of Zouk Singapore. The people inside are squashed like sardine fishes..

P1020642 clubbing But the club is actually quite good.. Music is good, atmosphere is good… Just that, it’s teensy weensy bit too crowded.. Can barely able to move around the area.

And just when we thought the night is over after clubbing, we decided to go for supper with Beer & Fried Chicken!

two two fried chicken P1020648 fried chicken

The fried chicken is very very delicious and unhealthy.. haha.. The trend there is that people eat this while drinking beer… By the time we finished, it’s about 3-4am already.. Luckily we didn’t have much planned for the next day.. It’s free and easy roaming around Seoul..

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